Embracing Lean – and how partnering can help you deliver some quick wins

Becoming a ‘lean’ business is not going to happen overnight. It takes an ongoing commitment and the involvement of all staff, including senior management = as well as a road-map, with clear objectives.

Are you a lean MSP?

‘Lean’ is a concept that has been followed in manufacturing for many years, with its roots as far back as Ford Motors in 1913, but most of its development coming from the Toyota Motor Company in the post-war years.

The top five blogs that grabbed the attention of MSPs in 2017

We looked back through our blog library for 2017 to identify the top five topics that engaged MSPs the most. If you missed them first time round, make time to catch up now – you may find ways to get your managed services business off to a flying start in 2018.

Partnering for NOC and Service Desk – it’s not all about dollars and cents

My previous blog looked at how partnering for low-value but high-importance tasks like NOC and Service Desk can help you to control the cost of service delivery through a pay-as-you-grow model that will ultimately benefit your bottom line. 

Partnering for NOC and Service Desk: a positive impact on your bottom line

Your margins are determined by two things: the prices you set and the cost of service delivery. You can increase revenues and grow your business by selling more managed services, but if you’re selling at too low a price or the costs associated with delivery are too high your margins will suffer and your growth will not be profitable.

Hannah Lloyd elected as a member of the CompTIA UK Channel Community (UKCC) Executive Council

The appointment of Inbay’s Senior Channel Manager further strengthens Inbay’s ties with CompTIA, the world’s largest IT trade association and a leading voice in the industry.

GDPR: it’s not restricted to MSPs in Europe – nor is the opportunity

If your managed services business is not based in Europe, you may think that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) doesn’t apply to you. But, you need to be GDPR-compliant if you handle any personal data pertaining to EU citizens for your own business or on behalf of your customers. And you don’t have to be based In Europe to see it as a business opportunity.

GDPR: a new business opportunity for MSPs?

Along with the burden of becoming GDPR-compliant comes a potential opportunity for MSPs to use the experience gained in their own GDPR journey to help their customers to achieve compliance – and so enhance their role as trusted advisers in the process.

Ten ways to help you move your MSP business beyond growth to profitable growth

The route to growth is relatively easy to map; the route to profitable growth is much more challenging. Here are ten lessons I learned when growing my own MSP business.

Where does your MSP business sit on the growth scale?

Despite widespread levels of optimism among MSPs according to recent industry surveys, there appears to be an increasing gap between high-growth MSPs who are capitalising wholeheartedly on the new business opportunities – and their lower-growth counterparts who are not taking full advantage.