Hannah Lloyd elected as a member of the CompTIA UK Channel Community (UKCC) Executive Council

The appointment of Inbay’s Senior Channel Manager further strengthens Inbay’s ties with CompTIA, the world’s largest IT trade association and a leading voice in the industry.

GDPR: a new business opportunity for MSPs?

Along with the burden of becoming GDPR-compliant comes a potential opportunity for MSPs to use the experience gained in their own GDPR journey to help their customers to achieve compliance – and so enhance their role as trusted advisers in the process.

Ten ways to help you move your MSP business beyond growth to profitable growth

The route to growth is relatively easy to map; the route to profitable growth is much more challenging. Here are ten lessons I learned when growing my own MSP business.

State of the MSP Market

The mood among MSPs is one of confidence and positivity – at least for MSPs operating in North America. What is driving this optimism? Is it shared by MSPs in other regions? Are there any clouds on the horizon? And, crucially, do you share this confidence for your own MSP business?

Why MSPs are relying on inbound marketing to grow their business

Inbound is typically perceived as the marketing superhero; outbound marketing as the pantomime villain, as the following observation[1] suggests:

 “Inbound marketing gives your prospects information when it suits them. Outbound marketing gives your prospects information when it suits you.”

Both have a place in the MSP’s marketing tool-kit, but MSPs are relying increasingly on inbound marketing techniques to grow their business. We look at why inbound makes sense.But first, what are the pros and cons of each?

Are you a social success?

Are you getting as much benefit as you anticipated from social media marketing? Maybe you’ve ticked all the social media boxes but your strategy still isn’t delivering the goods. Do you even know how well you’re doing?

From scattergun to selective for more effective marketing and more profitable business

Trying to be all things to all customers? You could be putting in a lot of effort for very little reward. Taking a more targeted approach can help you to differentiate your services, clarify your marketing messages, be perceived as a trusted specialist and ultimately win more profitable business.