Inbay launch new Security Operations Centre (SOC) services

Inbay is delighted to announce the launch of their new white label Security Operations Center (SOC) service, provided to empower partners to become Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Inbay has been providing white label services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for more than a decade and it has been the backbone for many of the major MSP’s in the market. Following an increase in partner demand, Inbay has expanded their managed services by including a white label 24/7 fully managed SOC to help their partners increase their product offering, improve revenue and ensure their client’s IT remains secure.

Due to a rapidly changing threat landscape, security of digital infrastructure is paramount and can only be ensured by the process of continuous monitoring of its digital assets. This combined with the increased number of home workers makes securing your business IT network more important than ever. This is why Inbay’s SOC service monitors networks and devices in the cloud, on-premises and in remote locations 24/7, helping their partner’s client’s to detect threats virtually anywhere.

Matt Takhar, Chief Executive Officer at Inbay says “IT security is not something we take lightly and that’s why our SOC is staffed by the very best, highly qualified security professionals. Put simply, our SOC service was created to offer partners dedicated round-the-clock security to protect their client’s against the rising number of cyber-attacks.”


Matt continues, “We also understand that the implementation of an internal SOC involves a significant initial investment for MSP’s. Our SOC service takes away that burden and allows our partners to extend their product portfolio, letting their internal resource focus on winning new business, delivering higher value work and developing client relationships.”

The SOC team at Inbay are highly trained security analysts that work around the clock with the latest security tools to detect threats, vulnerabilities and breaches, as well as ensure their partner’s clients stay compliant and secure.

Chanaka Padmaperuma, Director of Operations at Inbay says “To provide an excellent SOC service you need more than just the tools, you can’t just buy a SIEM and expect great results. Having the very best team and processes in place is equally important. When I speak to our partners, I like to use the following example:


‘The Red Bull F1 team just hit a new record for a pit stop in 1.91 seconds. They couldn’t do this without the people and the process. The car and tools are only part of it.’


“This is why so many of our customers have already added our SOC solution to their product portfolio.”

If you would like more information on Inbay’s white label, fully managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) service please get in touch today on +44 (0) 20 3435 6435 or [email protected].


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