Compare your true in-house NOC staffing cost with Inbay’s NOC charges

Start by entering the number of endpoints for which you are responsible

Number of servers*

Enter appropriate number.

Number of workstations*

Enter appropriate number.

Number of network devices*

Enter appropriate number.

Now add in salary and staff utilisation details

Annual salary per engineer*

$ Enter basic salary.

Labour burden rate *

% This is the real cost to your company of employing resource. It includes salaries, taxes, insurance, benefits, vacations, sick leave etc. plus a share of overhead burden (eg. non-billable staff, rent, rates, training, fuel, utilities, etc). The rate is expressed as a % here. A typical rate would be 40%.

Average engineer utilisation (monthly)*

% Utilisation rates vary, but typically fall between 75-80%.

Working hours per day*

Typically 6.5 to 7 hours.

Working days per month*

   Typically 22 days.

Comparative cost of in-house NOC versus partnering with Inbay

Minimum number of engineers to cover NOC work

   This figure is calculated from the support details you entered initially, combined with the resource utilisation rate and hours per day/days per month you input.

In-house service delivery cost

$ This is the monthly figure, based on the salary details and burden rate % you input.

NOC partnering service delivery cost

$ This is for Inbay’s monitoring, notification and remediation service for the devices detailed. It includes out-of-hours and 24/7 support.

Reduction in cost of delivery

(Optional) £ In-house service delivery cost

Please be aware that the figures produced by the calculator are provided for illustrative purposes only. Click here to read terms of use.

Note also that these figures are based on our list prices. You may benefit further if volume discounts apply. We also offer different levels of support to match your specific requirements.

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