The Channel Uncovered – What MSPs really think about outsourcing

Inbay has brought together a panel of some of the brightest and most forward-thinking minds from around the UK to tell us what they really think about outsourcing IT services in 2021.


When the pandemic took the world by storm millions of businesses quickly switched to a remote work model, some began to consider outsourcing more seriously – and many took action to implement it into their business model.


Panel includes:

  • Matt Takhar, CEO of Inbay
  • Steve Carnell, Commercial Director of Matrix IT
  • Andre Allen, CEO of Aabyss
  • Edward Bodium, Founder of FTS Managed Services


Download report to discover:

  • Factors driving positive growth in 2021
  • What MSPs are outsourcing
  • 8 reasons why MSPs outsource their IT services
  • 5 top concerns when it comes to outsourcing
  • Whether to tell your clients you are outsourcing or not

Download here