THE CHANNEL UNCOVERED – How MSPs can build a positive culture

Inbay has brought together a panel of some of the brightest and most forward-thinking minds from around the UK to tell us their thoughts on how to build a positive company culture.


Company culture is the DNA of every business. Every business has its own DNA, but it’s what they do with the DNA that makes a difference.


A company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviours of the people within the business. It is evident in the way that people interact with each other, the values they hold, and the decisions they make. Company culture also refers to the company’s vision, goals, working environment, leadership style, ethos, and ethics.


Panel includes:

  • Matt Takhar, CEO of Inbay
  • Pete Matheson, MSP Specialist
  • Andre Allen, CEO of Aabyss
  • Bruce Penson, Managing Director, Pro Drive IT


Download report to discover:

  • What are the Top 3 things you recommend to build a positive company culture
  • How to do make your employees feel as though they have meaning and purpose?
  • How have you encouraged positivity during covid?
  • Do you think staff events are vital for a good culture?

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