5 Mistakes MSPs make with their RMM platforms


MSP’s globally rely on their Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) platform to automate IT management, drive technician efficiency, and improve your bottom line. RMMs help MSPs monitor their clients’ endpoints, networks, and computers. A well utilised and optimised RMM platform is absolutely essential for a successful MSP business.


Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that MSPs commonly make that, if avoided, could make RMM platforms work more efficiently.


In this video our CEO Matt Takhar highlights the 5 mistakes MSPs make with their RMM platforms.


Top 5 mistakes:


  • Mistake No. 1 – Most critical services are not monitored
  • Mistake No. 2 – Devices not monitored or managed
  • Mistake No. 3 – No best practice or strategy applied to your RMM
  • Mistake No. 4 – Security for users and systems
  • Mistake No. 5 – Lack of awareness of features in the RMM platform


Watch our video to find out how you can make improvements on your RMM platform.

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