Are MSP’s missing the perfect opportunity to engage with their target audience?

MSP’s were hit hard when the COVID-19 pandemic forced thousands of businesses to implement remote working conditions. Although the initial panic has subsided, MSP’s are continuing to Support clients with their remote capabilities, including those who are settling into this new ‘isolated’ way of life.

It is clear that many MSP’s have focused most of their attention on adapting operations and preserving revenue, with sales and marketing efforts taking a back seat. But are MSP’s missing the perfect opportunity to engage with their target audience? Now is the time to alter set sales and marketing plans and focus on new product trends that have emerged due to COVID-19.

Traffic to social media platforms has certainly increased due to the outbreak of COVID-19, including how and when we use social networks. These new behaviours must be at the foundation of social media marketing plans during and after this crisis. Here is what we have noticed:

  • Instagram – It is no surprise that traffic on Instagram has increased. With Influencer marketing platform Klear publishing research showing that the use of Instagram stories has increased by 15 percent since the outbreak.


  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn’s traffic has remained relatively steady. Those working from home have more free time – no commute or long lunches. Some of this time will go to LinkedIn, checking up on colleagues and friends. On the other hand, those who have been furloughed or looking for employment will also be active on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook – Facebook recently published its Q4 2019 performance update, showing the number of daily active users increased by 1.66 billion with a forecast to increase further. Shared content like challenges, workouts and webinar posts via live streams have also risen.
  • Twitter – For a while, Twitter has trended towards an information platform – providing practical value to its users. On Twitter people often harness the platform to get information. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Twitter has become the go-to resource for real-time information from Reporters, Politicians, Doctors and Scientists.

MSP’s can use this opportunity to adapt and re-position all marketing activity. Not only altering the marketing channels MSP’s use to engage with potential clients, but also their product and service offering.

For many businesses, it is the new “norm” of having a distributed workforce and wondering if being remote makes sense in the long term. In a recent survey by CompTIA, approximately  41% of 500 professionals said their company had strong technical capabilities when it came to remote work, hinting that many companies still faced challenges with their switch to remote work. In fact, 42% said they needed better support options and 36% lacked the technical know-how among their workforce.

COVID-19 has altered the status quo and consequently changed our perspective; as humans, citizens, employees and customers alike, whilst having significant reverberations on businesses and the products and services they provide. According to CompTIA’s survey, 72% of respondents said they planned to increase their investment in remote work capabilities because of the pandemic. Companies also said the top four investments that would provide significant benefit to remote work capabilities were virtual private network (VPN), cloud, collaboration applications and cybersecurity.


It is without a doubt that many businesses won’t revert back to business as usual, which means MSP’s can’t either. MSP’s need to provide services that are applicable to the new situations their clients find themselves in. This will open the gates to a wave of investment, whether it be revisiting initial set-ups, discussing cybersecurity needs with clients or talking about what kinds of additional consulting clients might need in order to better manage employees in their newly remote environments.

MSP’s have a great opportunity to engage with an active target audience through social media marketing, whilst adapting their service offering to provide a value-added service that suits their clients and potential client’s current situation.

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  • Frances Moore, Marketing Director at Inbay
  • Tim Walker, Managing Director at Aura Technology

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