Building your MSP business together: dispelling the fears around outsourcing your NOC

Are you a proactive paddler? A circling servicer? A holy grailer?

If you didn’t attend my presentation at N-able’s MSP Super Elite Meeting in Amsterdam (Monday 3rd November) – you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about!

If you did attend, you will now know which of the above most accurately describes your MSP business today – and you will have heard how working with Inbay, through our white label 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and service desk partner programme, can help you to move closer to the holy grail of managed services:  becoming a true strategic business partner to your clients.

My presentation was light-hearted; but the content was no joking matter. It was drawn from the many conversations we have had over the years with managed service providers, in the course of which, we encountered six commonly held concerns about outsourcing NOC  – concerns which I addressed in my presentation:

  • Will I lose control?
  • What about my existing team?
  • I already have an in-house N-able guru
  • I already have NOC and Service desk teams
  • Should we build our own 24/7 NOC?
  • Not all my clients pay for or need 24/7

To find out why these really are non-issues, and to discover where you sit on the MSP journey (are you paddling, circling or within reach of the MSP holy grail) take a few minutes to view the full presentation.

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