Inbay launch new Deep Dive Assessment solution for Datto RMM platforms

For the past year, Inbay has been delivering Deep Dive Assessments for Solarwinds N-central. This solution now includes Datto RMM platforms, ensuring MSP’s globally get the most out of their Datto RMM and N-central investment.

As a Datto RMM and Solarwinds N-central Certified NOC Partner Inbay offer a unique audit and fine-tune service for RMM platforms to quickly and easily identify and optimise key areas that may have been preventing MSP’s from getting the most out of their investment.

Inbay’s Deep Dive Assessments include:

  • Configuration and integration: inspecting the patch, security and backup management to ensure it has been set up according to N-central and Datto RMM best practices. This includes strategy recommendations for the security and stability of the devices managed by N-central and Datto RMM.
  • Deployment: checking the deployment of network nodes and agents to all client devices and the discovery jobs of all IP-enabled devices, with monitored data fed back to N-central and Datto RMM.
  • Monitoring: reviewing the presentation of monitored data and utilisation of dashboards, and providing advice on using customised views to align with NOC and service desk functions.
  • Management: carrying out a review of N-central and Datto RMM’s management function and configuration recommendations for self-healing and scripting via Automation Manager.

Matt Takhar, Chief Executive Officer at Inbay says

“Inbay have been delivering Deep Dive Assessment on N-central servers for well over a year now, but it is great that we can now also support Datto RMM servers. Many customers are choosing to utilise our Deep Dive Assessments as their teams are overwhelmed by their RMM servers’ alerts and on-going maintenance preventing them from working on billable projects and customer-focussed activities. We allow MSP’s to focus on their customers while we take care of the rest.”

For more information on Inbay’s  Deep Dive Assessment solution please get in touch today on +44 (0) 20 3435 6435 or [email protected].

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