What’s next for MSPs? How marketing can help your business out of the 2020 mess

Chartec, Inbay and Live Virtual Help Desk have joined forces to deliver a series of three educational webinars, with a focus on marketing, sales and onboarding.

All three business support MSPs across the globe and have joined forces to share our expertise. It is our joint mission to help MSPs increase revenue and improve operations.

We are all feeling the backlash from this pandemic. MSP’s were hit hard when COVID-19 forced hundreds and thousands of businesses to implement remote working conditions.

It is clear that many MSP’s have focused most of their attention on adapting operations and preserving revenue, while sales and marketing has taken a back seat. But, are MSP’s are missing the perfect opportunity to engage with their target audience? Now is the time to alter set sales and marketing plans to drive new business.

Watch our latest webinar where we explore the importance of implementing a structured marketing plan, including a step by step guide. We also discuss the best ways to pivot your sales and marketing efforts during and after COVID-19 to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

During this session we will discuss:

  • How to create a structured marketing plan
  • How to calculate the cost of a lead
  • How to display content and segment data
  • Where to focus your marketing efforts

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