Six indicators that it’s time to talk to Inbay about managing your Datto fleet

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And an exclusive offer for Datto Partners

As a Datto Partner you want your business continuity services to grow. But as your customers increase, so too does the number of devices you must monitor and manage. And this comes with its own challenges – not least how to cost-effectively manage your Datto fleet 24/7/365, while maintaining high levels of service in all the other areas of your business.

Inbay’s Datto monitoring and management services can help you resolve this challenge.

Check out the following six indicators to see if it’s time to talk to us.

  1. You are struggling to provide true 24/7/365 coverage of your Datto fleet
    Out-of-hours coverage is increasingly expected of MSPs – and it is absolutely crucial for Datto monitoring. You just can’t risk missing alerts. So you need a bigger pool of engineers to provide 24/7/365 – a rule of thumb is double (though preferably triple) the head-count required for in-hours only coverage. That means higher costs and the burden of out-of-hours rostering.
  1. Your in-house engineers are constantly bogged down in routine monitoring
    Filtering out true alerts from the constant ‘white noise’ is a time-consuming business that can tie up your engineers for lengthy periods when their skills could be more profitably deployed elsewhere.
  1. Your internal resources are too stretched to configure new Datto boxes quickly
    You may not be able to configure a new Datto device in the month it was sold, leading to delays in onboarding new customers – and in the start of a valuable recurring revenue stream.
  1. You have discovered that Datto-certified engineers are thin on the ground
    You may be finding it difficult to hire, train and retain the number and skill levels of engineers required for Datto monitoring 24/7/365. You may even be questioning if it makes operational and financial sense to deploy your existing resources on this task – especially when it comes to covering the night shift?
  1. You are aware that you need to improve operational efficiency
    As you scale up your MSP business, you are typically moving from customers with just a handful of employees to more complex businesses with hundreds of devices and with widely differing IT requirements. You must be able to manage all of these scenarios remotely and respond rapidly to customer needs – particularly business continuity customers.
  1. You know you need help to monitor and manage your Datto fleet

You just don’t know how to go about selecting an appropriately skilled partner.

A good place to start is by talking to Inbay – Datto Select Vendor for NOC Services in North America

We can take away a lot of this pressure.

  • As an established NOC provider our highly skilled, certified analysts and engineers can look after all of your complex networks, servers and devices 24/7/365. This is our core business.
  • As Datto’s only Select Vendor for NOC services, our Datto Technical Specialists (TS2) can now additionally help you with Datto monitoring, management and remediation.

You get on-demand access to our Datto Technical Specialists (TS2), so you can avoid the cost and headache of continually recruiting, training and retaining these valuable resources in-house.

  • We enable you to free up your in-house team to sell more Datto services and take on higher value business continuity projects.
  • We follow Datto best practice in monitoring and managing your Datto fleet.
  • We offer flexible, cost-effective services that will support your business continuity growth.

And don’t miss out on an exclusive offer for Datto Partners:  20% discount on the list price of standard Inbay NOC packages in North America.

Find out more about Inbay’s Datto monitoring and management services.


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