How to personalise your marketing content to increase revenue?


Personalising your marketing efforts to your target customer persona reduces your acquisition costs by as much as 50% and lift revenues by 5% to 15%. (Smart Insights Ltd)

At the most basic level, businesses use ‘Firstname’ and variable subject lines to personalise emails. However, why stop there? More advanced businesses use personal information that includes; full name, industry sector and past purchases to create personalised customer experiences. “62.27% of customers feel happy and excited to respond to a specially tailored message from the seller”. (Smart Insights Ltd)

Every decision you make, from product features to the tone of your tag-lines, needs to be targeted to your customer. Creating a persona template allows you to identify your ideal customers, their needs, motivations, fears and more. A customer persona is a combination of data analysis and educated guesses. By creating a persona you can tailor your content for the specific needs of your target audience.

For Example: 

Creating a persona allows your marketing team to focus on a specific target audience, which will improve your personalised content and conversion rates.

Creating a persona need not be difficult, there are a number of websites that provide persona template tools. They usually include interactive modules that allow you to adjust the layout and download as a PDF to share amongst your team.

Once you have created your target customer persona you can use the following 3 steps to help you get started with your content personalisation:

  1. Define your segments: Begin with two personas. Make sure that each persona is different enough to warrant its own personalised content. For example; each persona could be from different industries in different job roles. The more segments you define, the more content you’ll have to create overall.
  2. Focused Language: Ensure you are using the right language to target each persona. You must personalise the language used in the body of your email/post, your subject lines and call to actions (CTA’s).
  3. Create segmented content: You will need to create high-value content for each of your personas to encourage engagement. Many businesses focus on creating blogs, white papers, e-books, polls on Facebook and video content.

If you would like to hear more about how personalisation can drive business during and after COVID-19 please watch our latest webinar.


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