Report: Finding, winning and retaining customers

The outbreak of Coronavirus caused quite the disruption in the business world. As people around the globe were asked to remain safely in their houses and spend as little time around others as possible, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) had to act fast, creating technology transformations for their clients to accommodate flexible working environments with proper security measures for remote working.

MSPs were also faced with a large proportion of their clients having to ‘close-up shop’ for the best part of a year. But what have MSPs been doing when it comes to finding, winning and retaining customers in this difficult time?

Today, MSPs have had to adapt to a new normal without the ability to meet people face-to-face or attend networking events. This begs the question “have the fundamentals of selling changed? If so, how?”

In this report, we asked 5 CEOs from leading MSP businesses to tell us how they are finding, winning, and retaining customers in 2021.

Panel include:

  • Matt Takhar, CEO of Inbay
  • Tim Walker, MD of Aura Technology
  • Ian Snow, MD of Central Technology Ltd
  • Andre Vaux, MD of claireLOGIC
  • Allan Packer, MD of Silver Lining Convergence Ltd

Download report to discover:

  • Factors that could impact growth in 2021
  • Most effective approach to finding new business
  • Why MSPs are targeting specific vertical markets
  • How MSPs are developing their sales technique in light of the pandemic, target audience and customer interaction.
  • How MSPs are successfully retaining customers
  • 5 tips for MSPs in 2021 that bear serious consideration


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