Report: The Changing Role of MSPs in a Post-COVID World

COVID-19 now ranks amongst the worst epidemics in history, the latest in a long list of health crises the likes of which many of us have never experienced. As COVID-19 continues to rage on, there are two assertions we can take some comfort in— 1) It will eventually end; and 2) We will recover from the devastation it has caused.

As we all look to an uncertain future, we must now focus on ways to adapt. The ways we interact with each other and conduct business are changing, and the Managed Service Provider (MSP), is playing an ever-increasing, pivotal role.

Along with the many difficulties facing MSPs in 2021, there are also many opportunities to be had. There is a greater responsibility, as organisations have begun to rely on the MSP more than ever before. In this article, we seek to examine some of the most daunting challenges MSPs are facing, how they are rising to meet those challenges head on and what advantages have come to light during the pandemic.

The findings from this article are a product of one of our CEO round-tables, where we brought together some of the brightest and most forward-thinking minds from around the UK virtually to discuss the overwhelming impact of COVID-19.

Panel members:

  • Tim Walker, Managing Director and Co-founder of the Aura Technology Group
  • Matt Takhar, CEO of Inbay
  • Mike Jenkings, Chief Commercial Officer of Cybrid Solutions Ltd.
  • Chris Morrell, Operations Director of Pro Drive IT
  • Pete Matheson, MSP Specialist, and Andrew Dickinson, CEO of Jola.

Download report to learn:

  • How MSP businesses are adapting in response to COVID
  • Concerns for 2021
  • Finding advantages in a disadvantaged world
  • 5 tips for MSPs in 2021 that bear serious consideration

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