Webinar: How to protect your clients by becoming an MSSP overnight

Data security breaches are on the rise and are now inevitable. Preparation is the only armour to protect your client’s data and devices from theft or attack from both inside and outside their organisation. ​

Join Inbay Ltd for an informative webinar where we discuss how MSPs can protect their client’s digital assets from cyber-crime,  increase revenue and become an MSSP overnight.

Whatever the reason a hacker chooses to attack, whether it be cybercrime, espionage or hacktivism, their evolving techniques are an ever-growing concern for companies striving to protect their information and assets. By expanding your product portfolio MSPs can protect their client’s digital assets.

Please join our security webinar to learn about current cyber threats, how to help strengthen your client’s information security and ultimately how to increase revenue.


  • Date: 1st December 2020
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Time:
    • UK Security Webinar – 14:00 (GMT)
    • US Security Webinar – 14:00 (EST)

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Current cyber threats
  • How to strengthen your client’s information security
  • Preventative measures
  • Good practice management and internal training
  • Pros and cons of internal and external SOC

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