Seven reasons why it makes sense to use Inbay for your projects

IT projects are complex and time-sensitive, often involving significant costs. It is vital that your MSP business has the right team in place to ensure your client’s projects are completed successfully and on-time. You may have noticed that a large number of MSPs are now opting to partner with white-label project services providers to plug expertise and resource gaps as well as to save money and time.

Below we have outlined seven reasons why you should expand the services you offer clients by outsourcing your project services:

1. Affordable alternative to full-time hiring

The cost of and problems associated with recruiting and retaining the right technical people to meet your needs has been a well-known problem for MSPs globally. And when it comes to client project work, it’s just not feasible to employ full-time staff to cover every skill you may potentially need.

That’s why it makes sense to let us make that investment, so you can access our pool of resources to plug expertise and resource gaps – with no long-term commitment.

2. Offer a broader range of services

With access to our extensive skills base and project experience, you can strengthen the relationship with your clients by increasing the range of projects you can offer. Plus, you can do this without overloading your own technicians.

Our engineers will take on the whole project for you – or work alongside your people.

3. Complete more projects, more quickly

Make project backlog a thing of the past. Using our resources you can ramp up the number of projects you can handle at any one time. This is good for revenue– and good for customer satisfaction too.

Plus, our project services are affordably priced – so you don’t have to sacrifice your margins.

4. Free up your technicians for higher-value activities

Let us take on the routine but essential projects so your technical teams can be redeployed on to higher-value work or can spend more time in the invaluable role of trusted adviser to your customers.

5. Benefit from minimum disruption – for you and your clients

We work while you sleep.

We are a 24/7 operation so we can work on your projects outside of normal business hours to ensure less disruption to your clients – and to your own business.

6. Preserve your competitive advantage

Make use of our expertise and resources so you never need to turn away or delay commissions and risk losing out on high-margin project work.

7. A risk-free option

Not only can we give you access to qualified and knowledgeable technicians, but you can also have confidence in our excellent project management skills and the robust processes we have in place to ensure that all our projects have a successful outcome – and that they come in on time and on budget.

And while we are happy to manage the entire project, we always work with your team and keep them up to date with status and outcomes.

Typical Projects

We regularly carry out project work in the following areas, often out-of-hours, to mitigate the effects on end-users. It is not an exhaustive list – just an indication of the type of work we undertake:

  • Office 365 migration – Typically moving MS Exchange on-premises, Google Apps or any other IMAP-based email service to Office 365
  • MS Windows server deployment and migration – For example, installing/configuring Windows 2012/2016 servers and configuring/migrating Windows roles
  • Active directory deployment and migration
  • MS Exchange server deployment and migration
  • File server deployment/migration – Both simple file servers and distributed file systems (DFS)
  • Remote desktop services implementation – Windows-based RDS systems
  • Windows update services implementation – WSUS deployment and configuration
  • Virtualisation projects (Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix) – Deployment and server migration: physical to virtual/virtual to virtual/virtual to physical
  • Backup software deployment and configuration – For any backup software
  • Website migration (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) – Existing websites moved to another site or hosting provider (CMS based sites only)
  • End-user profile migration – Windows Desktop OS (Windows XP/7/8) profile migration to Windows 10 and email profile migration

To find out more contact one of our partner specialists and find out how we can help get your next project off the ground.

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