Take the aggravation out of Office 365 migration


Office 365 is big business for Microsoft. Migrating SMBs to Office 365 can be lucrative for MSPs too – not just for the one-off project fees but by opening up the prospect of future service offerings.

The question then is not why offer Office 365 Migration Services but how to carry out these migration projects more efficiently and profitably.

Inbay’s Project Services can help you to migrate your customers to Office 365 quickly and easily.

This is why an increasing number of MSPs are using our service.

But migration to Office 365 is no small job, as you will undoubtedly already be aware. It involves moving from on-premise servers or hosted Exchange. It means migrating mailboxes from the incumbent server – and it can take well over an hour per mailbox to complete a migration, depending on the size of each.

You need appropriately skilled, experienced software engineers. You also need the band-width to be able to resource multiple migration projects concurrently when required – a slow-moving Office 365 migration pipeline will do little for your revenues or customer satisfaction levels.

Inbay’s Project Services can help you to resolve each of these issues.

Affordable alternative to in-house resource

You could be very pleasantly surprised when you compare the Inbay Project Services hourly charge with your in-house hourly cost – and with the hourly rate you charge customers. Office 365 migration is the most common project we do for our MSP partners and it’s not unheard of for some to achieve 75 per cent gross margin by substantially reducing resource cost using Inbay’s specialist engineers.

And don’t forget, this work normally takes place overnight or at the weekend to avoid customer downtime. That means additional shift costs for out-of-hours resources if you are not staffed up for 24/7.

But it’s not just about the cost. Here are some of the other ways we add value.

Complete more projects, more quickly

You can make project backlog a thing of the past. Using our Office 365 migration resources you can ramp up the number of projects you can handle at any one time. This means you can realise the revenues more quickly – and keep customers happy too, as expressed by one MSP partner who regularly uses our Project Services on an overflow basis.

We leverage Inbay’s professional services when our vCIO team sells a backlog of project hours that our internal pro services team can’t bill within 30 days. This allows my company to both capture and realise the revenue faster, rather than having it sit in a backlog that won’t help move the needle for the month – or possibly even the quarter it was sold in. We also improve our client satisfaction by completing projects and initiatives quickly.


centrexIT, USA

Access the right skills to ensure success

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and our team is staffed by Microsoft-skilled engineers. We have built up a huge amount of experience in Office 365 migrations so you can be confident you are putting your migration project in safe hands.

Maintain a competitive advantage

And bear in mind that if you can’t help a customer to migrate to Office 365, they may find a competitor who can. Make use of our expertise and resources to avoid having to turn away or delay these migrations.

Don’t make your customers wait –Inbay’s Project Services can help you migrate!

If you are struggling to keep up with demand for Office 365 migrations – or any other project work, find out more about how we can help you to move customers quickly and profitably.

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