Top tip of the month for MSPs: How to be successful when onboarding a customer

At Inbay we have put together a series of Top Tips for growing MSPs.

While some MSPs struggle to grow their business and drive recurring revenue, others are routinely looking at ways to improve their marketing, sales and operations in an effort to increase revenue and growth. What’s their magic formula? Our “CEO round tables” uncovered the secrets to their success.

Over the course of the next year, Inbay will be presenting a ‘Top Tip’ every month to help improve your MSP business. We cover tips on how to successfully onboard your customers through to how to become an MSSP.

This month we will be sharing some top tips on: How to be successful when onboarding a customer

  • Create a clear and workable onboarding process

When onboarding a customer we often forget to provide them with the basics. Unfortunately, this happens more often we would like to admit, which is why having a repeatable onboarding process is key to ensuring that your churn rate doesn’t get out of hand. Get ahead of the game and ensure that every department knows your onboarding process and their role to deliver it successfully.

  • Detailed Checklist

Create proper documentation of the environment at onboarding. There is nothing worse than missing something that wasn’t documented the first time around. Or worst still, not having a full understanding of your customer’s environment.

  • Don’t underestimate a client’s environment

It is vital that you use software to gather end asset information. We have seen time and time again MSPs being given the wrong information by the customer. The number of devices, servers etc. is always miscalculated. A simple asset management tool can remove this headache.

For more ‘Top Tips’ visit our resources page.

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