Why so many MSPs are choosing to outsource NOC in 2021

Outsourcing IT services is now one of the most debatable topics, even more so after the pandemic. Companies around the globe are using this business strategy to grow their business by reducing the operating costs & increasing the quality of services.

As an MSP you know that even a minor disruption to your IT network can have a huge impact. NOCs continuously monitor and maintain you and your client’s IT infrastructure, which ensures stability, security and functionality. A capable and well-equipped NOC is absolutely essential for a successful business. So why do so many MSPs outsource such an important and essential operational function?

In this blog we cover the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your NOC services. – You’ll see that the benefits of engaging with a managed NOC service provider far outweigh the pitfalls.

Advantages of Outsourced NOC Services 

Your network will experience far less downtime. The experts on station detect anomalies before they become crippling outages.

  1. When outages do occur, they are addressed immediately, and around the clock.
  2. Your operational costs in terms of people, time, and resources will be lower and predictable.
  3. Your IT support and network staff are available to tackle critical support issues, revenue making projects and business efficiency improvements.
  4. An experienced NOC team will minimise the nuisance alerts which distract your staff on a daily basis.
  5. An outsourced NOC service provider brings a fresh perspective. An outsource NOC service provider has eyes on your infrastructure 24/7 with the expertise and experience to monitor your systems in ways you may not have considered.

Disadvantages of Outsourced NOC Services

One of the disadvantages of using an outsourced NOC would be the perceived lack of control and knowledge. The person interacting with a client’s network on a regular basis will know far more about what is going on with the network.

  1. Finding the right outsource service provider is key since your NOC plays a key role in running you and your client’s IT infrastructure. you will need to ensure that your chosen service provider has the capability, the experience and the expertise to deliver on your needs.
  2. Outlining a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) dependent on your exact requirements will go a long way to mitigate potential issues. SLAs define the scope of services and provide a basis for mutual understanding for you and your customers. It also allows you to measure their performance and what the response time should be when issues arise.
  3. Employees may see an outsource service provider as a threat – It might prove difficult to obtain buy-in from current employees on outsourcing a part of their current work as employees tend to think that it could be a threat to their jobs. Whenever a piece of your daily work is handed off to someone else, or even worse, another company, it can feel like the warning signs of job redundancies.

To Conclude

You should go through carefully all the pros and cons of outsourcing to make sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. Before deciding on your strategy, it may be worth  arranging a 30 minute call to speak to one of our outsource IT experts.

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