Inbay Office Opening Sri Lanka

Expansion marks a transformational step in the evolution of Inbay

(Photo Above: John Prenn, Inbay Chairman opening the new office in Sri Lanka.)

Inbay, one of the most established and respected technology providers, announce their brand new building for 2020 in Sri Lanka. The office space is more than double the floor space of their previous office.

The expansion marks a transformational step in the evolution of Inbay to fulfil their aspiration of becoming one of the leading international technology companies for MSP’s and IT service providers.

After Matt Takhar joined the company as CEO in August 2019 Inbay quickly identified a massive opportunity generated by expanding their office space in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


5 key reasons why MSP’s decide to outsource RMM management

We understand that the Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) plays an important role in operations and service desk management. It connects to customer infrastructure and helps manage the customers IT estate, so why outsource such a critical tool?

MSP’s decide to outsource part or all of their RMM management because an RMM tools ability and functionality is vast and if it isn’t properly leveraged service desks often don’t get the breathing space to demonstrate the full value of proactive IT Support that an MSP can deliver.

As a leading MSP outsourcing provider, we have put together 5 key reasons why MSP’s choose to outsource:


Five ways to achieve top MSP performance in 2020

Don’t forget to add any thoughts or points you find in this article to your 2020 todo list!

1. Mature Cyber Security Solution

An obvious point and one that many MSPs already have solutions in place for, but how mature is that solution? We believe a mature Cyber Security solution should include:


Press release: Inbay appoints Matt Takhar as CEO and Jamie Daum as Business Development Director

New CEO and Business Development Director appointed to strengthen operations and expand global offering.



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We consider the pros and cons – and set out 10 questions you need to ask yourself if you’re thinking about taking a vertical market focus.



Ten ways to ensure you are a top performing MSP in 2019

How can you ensure that your MSP business is in the ‘Golden Quintile’, a term used in a recent survey by IT Glue to represent the 20% of MSPs in their survey who reported not just growing revenue but also enjoying high margins (in excess of 20% net margin).

The route to growth is relatively easy to map; the route to profitable growth is much more challenging – as I found out myself.

So here is my advice to ensure your growth turns out to be is profitable rather than problematical. (more…)


10 ways for MSPs to improve customer retention and reduce churn

My last blog looked at the very real impact of high customer churn rates on financial performance. This blog flips the coin to take a more positive view. Churn isn’t inevitable – and as long as your customers feel valued and are receiving the prompt, high-quality service they expect, at a reasonable price, they are much less likely to jump ship. (more…)


Is your team being overwhelmed by N-central alert noise?

Read how an N-central Audit and Remediation project from Inbay resolved more than 97% of stale and misconfigured alerts for US IT outsourcing and consulting firm Winxnet, enabling the company to leverage N-central in a more efficient manner and improve staff productivity. (more…)


What impact is customer churn having on your MSP business?

As we move through the last quarter of 2018, MSP hearts and minds are probably focussed on giving ‘one last push’ to close new business before the end of the year. All good and necessary, but in striving to bring new business on board make sure you are not neglecting your existing customer base.

There’s little value in onboarding new business if your customer attrition rate means that the overall ongoing customer number/recurring revenue remains more or less the same. (more…)