The Mental State of the Tech Industry

Mental health in the workplace has been at the front of everyone’s mind since the beginning of the pandemic. While transitioning to working from home, being isolated from friends and family, and feeling anxious about getting sick have certainly affected nearly everyone in the world, research suggests that IT professionals are among the most likely to suffer.

Importance of Establishing Trust in Business

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Research by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that business partners that trust one another spend less time protecting themselves and more time working on things that will make their business successful. Furthermore, their research also found that trust often leads to more successful negotiations.

Inbay Partners with Mark Copeman to Offer Website Reviews for MSPs

With a new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into your business website and perfect what can be perfected.

Your website is often a lead’s first impression of your business. It also acts as your 24/7 shop where people from all over the world can visit at their convenience. As such, it’s imperative that you have a top-performing website that quickly transitions prospects into clients.

How many leads do you need to hit your annual growth target?

Is your sales function properly resourced? You may be struggling with lead generation because you don’t have the right sales team in place. Perhaps you are basically the sales team, selling alongside your other responsibilities. Or the team may have developed from your technical engineers who know technology and your services inside out – but can they communicate the business benefits of these services to prospects? Many can’t.

One thing is certain, lead generation should be part of a wider process, rather than the result of a series of isolated campaigns – with marketing activities driving the initial contact and engagement, nurturing interest and ideally also pre-qualifying leads prior to your salespeople making contact.

Is your MSP struggling with the rise in labour costs and ability to hire technical employees?

Last year, the channel’s top worries were labor costs and the ability to hire employees with skills that map to today’s complex technology demands, including emerging tech acumen, as confirmed by CompTIA in their latest IT Industry outlook 2021.

This year, the channel is worrying about customers pumping the brakes on purchasing, which typically correlates to overall market conditions. The reduction in purchasing can leave you overstaffed and scrambling to replace revenues. This is turn has a direct impact on labor costs and hiring.

Is your RMM platform secure? 5 Top tips to protect your RMM platform

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if someone stole the keys to your castle and gained access to your entire RMM platform, and therefore all of your client’s devices!

In an effort to help MSPs globally, Inbay would like to share with you some top tips to protect your RMM platform.

What happened to Kaseya? Including 10 Security Best Practices for MSPs to Mitigate Ransomware Risk

Everyone is talking about Kaseya’s VSA product and how it fell victim to the single biggest global ransomware attack on record.

REvil ransomware has set a price for decrypting all systems locked during the Kaseya supply-chain attack. The gang wants $70 million in Bitcoin for the tool that allows all affected businesses to recover their files.

With data breaches hitting an all-time high and potential fines and negative press threatening to seriously impact your MSP business – Inbay has put together the top 10 security best practices for MSPs to mitigate ransomware risk. It is more important than ever to secure you and your clients IT systems!

Top 5 considerations when extending your services to 24/7

Scaling up to offer 24-hour technical IT support comes with some unique considerations that range from cost and staff to strategy and planning. The strategy you choose needs to take into account your customers’ needs, the hours of coverage and your business goals and expansion plans.

At Inbay we are seeing a large increase in MSPs extending their service offerings to 24/7 coverage due to flexible working brought on by the pandemic. But, MSPs that are looking to extended their service offering also have to consider other aspects of their business, not just their services.

In this blog Matt Takhar will be covering ‘The top 5 considerations when extending your services to 24/7’

Why MSPs outsource their IT services

MSP organisations have been dealing with the effects of the pandemic for well over a year now and it seems as though we will soon be transitioning back to “normal”. Many businesses have started outsourcing their services since the pandemic and with this there are many advantages. When the pandemic took the world by storm millions of companies quickly switched to a remote work model, some began to consider outsourcing more seriously – and many took action to implement it into their business model.   

It appears that the most commonly outsourced MSP services are NOC, help desk, and out-of-hours services, however there are other options available which other businesses benefit from, such as security services, dedicated technical resources and more. It’s important to still have some key skills in-house to be able to properly manage outsource relationships for the end client, internal users, and the outsourced partner.  

5 Mistakes MSPs make with their RMM platforms 

MSP’s globally rely on their Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) platform to automate IT management, drive technician efficiency, and improve your bottom line.  RMMs help MSPs monitor their clients’ endpoints, networks, and computers. A well utilised and optimised RMM platform is absolutely essential for a successful MSP business.  

Unfortunately, there are a few mistakes that MSPs commonly make that, if avoided, could make RMM platforms work more efficiently.  

The content for this article comes from Inbay’s ‘CEO Geek’ video series. These short videos are delivered by our very own CEO who covers a variety of topics including top tips for MSPs, industry news and key trends.